Dviračio krepšys po balneliu Author A-S3152 SUMO X9 (juoda)


Dviračio krepšys po balneliu Author A-S3152 SUMO X9 (juoda)

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Sandėlyje: Neturime Produkto kodas: AUTKRE24 EAN: 8590816067080


The Author SuMo big seat bag for big trips. Take it on the every route – easy strong fixation for extreme ride. The SuMo X9 is the 3rd generation with the new details to proven time after time in the long and hard endurance events, whether dirt, pavement or snow.

Roll down closure allows bag to expand or compress in volume 6-12 l.

Side’s plastic sheets provide rigidity and structure for load carrying.

Twin loop seatpost wrap straps.

Loops on top for attaching a bungee or spocket.

Carbon seatpost friendly.

Minimum of 200 mm clearance from saddle rails to top of tire

Weight: 335 g

Volume: 6 – 12 l

Materials: Nylon 600D/420D with PU backing – water resistant. HDPE Plastic.

This is a big seat bag. Check tire clearance with bag properly packed and loaded prior to use to prevent bag damage or worse. On full suspension bikes fully compress rear suspension and check tire clearance prior to use.

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